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Automatic Flow Balancing Valve
  • Automatic Flow Balancing Valve

    Model Number: SAC-11N/21N, SAC-11/12/22, SAB-12/22


    SAC-11N, 21N


    Efficient heating and cooling system must distribute flow to each unit precisely as specified in order to control the overall load and prevent uneven flow.  Automatic Flow Balancing Valve automatically ensures that appropriate level of flow is directed as designed to maintain balanced distribution of flow within the piping system.  Maintenance is made easier as there is no need to detach the valve to replace nozzle cartridges.  A strainer is built-in, and SAC-11N's body is made out of bronze or ductile iron to accommodate usage with drinking water.



    SAC-11, 12, 22


    Piping configurations for certain HVAC, heat exchanger, or filter systems require constant flow rate for optimum performance.  However, it can be difficult to maintain constant differential pressure - consequently, balanced flow rate - due to varying conditions of pipes and pumps.  Automatic Flow Balancing Valve SAC not only balances the differential pressure to balance the flow rate, but also saves space with its built-in strainer.  As there is no need to detach the valve to replace of nozzle cartridges, maintenance is made easy.



    SAB-12, 22


    A larger version of model SAC, SAB also balances the differential pressure to maintain balanced flow rate.  It is suitable for large capacity flow systems with pipe diameters exceeding 8”.


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