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Temperature Control Valve for Steam

Temperature Control Valve for Steam

Model Number: SNT-12, S11, S12, X-12


Temperature Control Valves are widely used to control the temperature of heat exchangers, hot water storage tanks, oil heaters, drying equipment, distilling plants, etc. This valve utilizes electronically operated actuator to adjust the opening and closing of the valve, and they are especially efficient at maintaining the temperature at desired level to save energy and improve the cost effectiveness of the equipment in use. SNT X is an improved design over regular SNT / SNT-S models, with integrated trap & condensate separator for increased product life span and reduced installation cost. SNT-X's disc guide and multi-flow structure minimize noise and vibration during operation, while its built-in sensing line eliminates the need to arrange a separate sensing line for the pilot valve on the outside. A separator screen is also applied within the design to prevent leakage caused by entry of foreign matters.  


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